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Hire vetted remote developers with international experience and build your coding powerhouse.

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Build your remote development team. Hassle-free.

Tell us what you need

Get in touch and tell us what skills and frameworks you need your coder to master.

Pay nothing for headhunting

We find matching developers for free. No one-time fees, no hidden costs for headhunting.

Start with a low-risk contract

Try a candidate before committing. If you're happy, easily upgrade the contract.

Make your team come true.

Build commited teams, not one hit wonders.

Build your team with developers who earn fair compensation and enjoy benefits like family-covering health insurance and premiums. Our happiness managers ensure your new recruits are happy and committed.

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Find new developers in just 2 weeks.

Yes, you read that correctly – sign new remote developers in just half a month! That leaves you with enough time to watch all Lord of the Rings movies 30 times. Neat, huh?

Work with experienced, pre-screened coders.

We vet developers globally, so you can hire people with proactive mindsets who genuinely love coding. All coders have international experience and fit into modern working environments.
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Onboarding experts help you get started.

New beginnings are exciting – and often challenging. We assign you a specialist for 4 weeks to make sure onboarding goes smoothly and your new recruit is properly set up.

Don't worry about payrolls, taxes and compliance

Simply make your monthly payment to us – we take care of the rest. That includes organizational issues from payrolls to taxes and local law.
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Less costs.
More talent.

Save up to 75% on monthly developer staff cost without compromising on output quality. With our employment of record model, we handle all the payroll and HR issues so you don’t have to.

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Monthly Costs

2.700 – 5.000 €

7.000 – 15.000 €

7.000 – 15.000 € + recruiting fee

HR overhead


very high



fast & easy




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your headache

your headache


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Reach out today and hire a new developer in just 2 weeks.

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