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Hire great tech talent globally at up to 30% off and grow your business fast! 

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Tired of competing against
the big tech companies?

Get the best talent
from untouched markets

We find great devs in places that are outside the radar of the big tech companies. Lower local wages allow us to pay above-average salaries and attract really good developers! 

Make your budget
go further

We know that every cent counts in Start-ups. That’s why we decided to bet on your future success and provide you with great tech talent at crazy low prices.

Scale your
business faster

Got a great plan but not enough coding power under the hood? Our quick candidate matching will help you tackle your projects faster.

Save up to 30% on our Service

Sounds unbelievable? It’s not! We find the talent and chip in for you in the first two years!

Your benefits

  • Ist year:
    In the 1st year your startup receives a discount of 30% on our developers
  • 2nd year:
    In the 2nd year your startup receives a discount of 20% on our developers
  • After 2nd year:
    Your company keeps a 10% discount.

Qualification criteria

  • Raised between USD 100k - 2 Mio
  • Associated with approved investor, VC, incubator
  • Startup is registered and not older than 2 years

Frontend Developer

6.000 €
per month
3.500 €
per month
2.450 €
per month
Your deal

Backend Developer

7.000 €
per month
3.900 €
per month
2.750 €
per month
Your deal

Fullstack Developer

8.000 €
per month
4.200 €
per month
2.950 €
per month
Your deal

How we
screen developers

Only 1 out of 100 applicants make it all the way to a signed contract. We evaluate technical skills, attitude, communication, enthusiasm and understanding of remote work culture.
Application received
Out of 100 received applications ...
Ellipse 30
Softskill assessment
... 90% are filtered out during softskill assessment. We believe personality is key to a professional coding environment.
Ellipse 30
Technical assessment

Only half of the remainder passes our initial technical skills assessment ...

Ellipse 30
Client interview

... and only 3% actually make it to a client interview.

Ellipse 30
Hired developers
... setting the stage for the top 1% to be hired by our clients.
Ellipse 30


cyborg-book-8 1 acts as an »employer of record«. This means that the developers are employed at and staffed at your firm based on a contract between your firm and This gives you the flexibility you want and keeps you from worrying about insurance, taxes etc.

The cost depends on two factors: technology stack and the developer’s experience. Normally, filling a full-time position for a senior developer would cost you between 3500 € and 4200 € all costs included.

None. takes care of all insurance or tax issues as well as all transnational legal matters.
Our developers go through various assessments so we can evaluate their technical skills, attitude, language and communication, enthusiasm and understanding of the remote work culture. In the end, only the best are accepted into the community – 1 in 100 in our experience.
At the minimum years of experience that our developers have is 5 years.

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